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Building community is good for both people and business. Many apartment residents are completely disconnected from their neighbors. Community Care Network places a Community Builders onsite in apartments to welcome new residents, plan social events, and look for ways to serve and connect to their neighbors.


Because of programs like Community Care Network, apartment complexes see improved resident satisfaction, retention, and online reputation.

Position Description

The Community Builder position was created to add life to our apartment communities and to give residents a sense of belonging and community.  The Community Builders live onsite and partners with the management team to build community and serve the residents by doing things that flow naturally out of the daily lifestyle of the residents, including welcoming new residents to the complex, planning monthly social events, and caring for residents and property staff in times of need.


Studies show that if a resident has a friend who lives at the same complex they are significantly less likely to move which will result in higher resident retention. We also believe that if we enhance the living experience of our residents our reputation will be greatly improved leading to even more success.

Brad Nally

Director of Community Care

Brad has been married for 5 years to Sky Nally and they have a 2 year old daughter named Sophia. He is the Director of Community Care Network in Indianapolis.


He loves connecting with ordinary people as they live, work, play, and struggle together. He believes the community is stronger when the residents are stronger. In order to build up residents, we must help them establish solid friendships, obtain good jobs, and meet basic needs. More personally, it means giving residents the tools they need to have successful marriages, raise their kids well, and strengthen their walk with God.  In his free time he enjoys fishing and collecting vintage video games and systems.




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